How to Mine Ripple ? Ripple Mining ?

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Hey guys, I'm new here so I don't know how many people will reply to this but I've heard that Ripple's (XRP) difficulty is low and I would like to get into mining it. I run windows 10 but I will be building my own mining rig once I get enough money. I can't seem to find any tutorials/mining software on the internet for Ripple Mining. So is there any way to Mine Ripple ?
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You cant mine ripple. Ripple is not a mining coin. And no one can mine Ripple. 100 Billion Ripple were created. They are NOT mined.
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Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:30 pm

If Ripple is not able to Mine than How are new coins made then?
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This Ripple is centralized system. The owner or the operator can make as many coins as they want. But so far, the amount is limited.

100,000,000,000 XRP were created when Ripple was founded. They will not make more or less. XRP is destroyed every time a transaction occurs on the network so the amount of XRP decreases over time. They can, theoretically move the decimal point to create more or less XRP however this would not affect relative XRP holdings.

The amount of XRP and be see here :

XRP is not mineable but an incentive program for market makers will be announced soon.

Ripple is focused on selling their software to banks and financial institutions. They are also trying to sell XRP to these same agents. Individuals can buy and own XRP but it is not offered on as many exchanges as many other altcoins.

Most altcoin enthusiasts dislike Ripple/XRP because of the perception that it is centralized.
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there is distinction between Ripple and its coin the XRP. The ripple is the protocol for payment and transaction use for the banking system it was adapted by its first protocol the Ripplepay, which was existed long before than Bitcoin concept. XRP is the token for Ripple and it is not mineable. The only way to acquire XRP is thru purchase via trading site.
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Yes! I agreed with all the Top three users. Ripple is not mineable.
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