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As I know, they can develop their own trading exchanges and can automatically trade transactions and tokens. These contracts have business volume.

Managed by a smart contract entirely
- no human involvement in managing the ethereum, at all. Period.
Automatic pricing
-Value is directly related to how many tokens exist at any time.
Volume based earning
-10% of all volume is taken as fees, and is automatically split out as Eth to all token holders.
Active-income Staking
-Masternode system allows you to recruit more and get instant ETH rewards. Plus everyone gains from the volume!
Not a "Concept" token
-Each token has intrinsic value, as every token is backed by the eth already in the contract(try to find another crypto that does this).
Serious in all the wrong ways.
-See cute snek mascot representing your financial future

In order to facilitate smooth entry into autonomously controlled volumetric reward madness, we created our own decentralized exchange so that we can trace and track tokens automatically.for more info visit at
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