Smart Realty ICO - Real Estate on the Blockchain - Easily & Securely Buy or Sell Property.

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Smart reality is easy to use? I think that there are many problems in the real estate industry. Although SMARTRealty may not be able to completely eliminate contract disputes, we believe that applying contractual technology to specific types of contracts can significantly reduce contract disputes.
Smart Realty is a block chain project that allows you to purchase property anywhere in the world and borrow space with Cryptocurrency. We can easily convert Bitcoin, Ethereum etc to RLTY token. It can be used to borrow a place to buy a residence or a house. The team behind Smart Realty presents the skills necessary to complete the project If you are interested, please visit
According to my knowledge. SMARTRealty revolutionizes the real estate industry by applying smart contract technology to general real estate transactions such as rental contracts and real estate trading.
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