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Smart people learn from other people's mistakes, but stupid ones from their own. It`s a pity that I belong to the second type of people. I read that home mining is taking the second place, placing farms in apartments is unprofitable, not mentioning it`s dangerous. But I didn`t listen to anyone, I was "the smartest one" after all. I continued mining at home, until wiring burned. Thanks God there was no fire. Now I'm in debt and I think how to get out of this whole situation. It's good that I have a friend (he warned me it was time to quit mining farms in my apartment), who advised to invest in MinigNow. I invested in the project everything I had left. I managed to do that before the ICO, and a positive process started, plus there was a monthly income. I`d had to quit farms, sell equipment and invest long time ago!
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